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5 tips that would help to lessen your tattoo removal cost

5 tips that would help to lessen your tattoo removal cost

5 tips that would help to lessen your tattoo removal cost

Wondering how much does tattoo removal cost? What you heard from your research is right. It may be expensive although there are different methods tried out in tattoo removal. If you are concerned about how much does tattoo removal cost in laser method and how you can bring down the cost, this article might help you.

Laser removal of Tattoo

Laser removal has become one of the latest tattoo removal methods, which promises better effects. It is skin friendly treatment method without creating any scars or blemishes once the process is over. The process involves breaking up of the tattoo ink into tiny particles by the laser technology. The skin is exposed to high intensity laser beam by the service provider. It may be slightly painful although you may ask for local anaesthesia.

Finance of Laser tattoo removal

A major cause of worry about laser removal is that it is expensive. The good thing is most times the service providers may give you better options with discounts and offers. It is better to get your skin checked whether it responds to removing of tattoo or not with the service provider.


The cost of the laser removal depends on which part of the body it is done and also the intensity. A normal laser tattoo removal would require 5 to 6 sittings. In case you have used darker colours and bigger images, you will have spent more to remove it from the skin. The cost may range from $300-$800, if it is back or chest area, or hands. It may cost around $500 if it is in the bikini area. If it is on legs, you may have to pay up to $800.

Lined up are five effective ways to cut down the cost of tattoo removal which would certainly help you if you are planning to remove the tattoo.

1. Check different service providers

Before you fix your laser treatment, talk to different service providers and understand the rates, which will help you to find who provides the lowest rates.

2. Check the season

Doing tattoo on your skin is easy and affordable when compared to removing it. Do you have the same opinion? Well, here is a different technique to try out. If you are not in a hurry to remove the tattoo wait till winter season. Most of the laser removal service providers give away offers and discounts during winter as the business is low compared to summer. Also, they may give you morning offers.

3. Ask for a package

The laser removal will take different sitting which may range from 10 to 25, as per the intensity of colours and size of the tattoos. You can ask the rates for the whole package with discounts, and pay at the end of the service. Also if you have multiple tattoos to be removed, you can demand for lower rates as it will take more sittings.

4. Do not waste on creams

There are many tattoo removal creams and ointments available in the market. Unfortunately, most of them do not work well with the skin. It would be wise not to waste money in buying the creams.

5. Tattoo removal clinic is better

To make your tattoo removed, you can go to your dermatologist or a tattoo removal clinic. It would better if you go to tattoo removal clinic to avail lower rates, when compared to dermatologists. Make sure you go to professional service providers and do not waste money on inexperienced people.

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